Community Service

I have qualified for and served on the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) Referral Panels for Intellectual Property,  Business Law and for Litigation, and also for the Low Fee Panel as a service to the mission of BASF.

A Bar Association client wrote:

“I met Mr. Lee through the San Francisco Bar Association while pursuing legal advice for my case. The work he did and the case settlement he helped me win saved me from further frustration and conflict. His knowledge, experience and calm, understanding attitude kept me grounded throughout what was an emotional case. He was able to lend me calculated and detailed guidance every step of the way without pressuring me to go beyond what I was comfortable pursuing financially, and otherwise. Bart Lee is a great legal counselor. Wise, effective and worth every penny!

“I hope this is useful for you and I wish you well. Thanks again for all of your help!  All the best, Rose Kerbein”

Another BASF client wrote:

“Bart Lee gave us valuable advice and generously shared his Intellectual Property expertise.  He helped us make a lawsuit just go away without even having to file papers. We are pleased to thank him publicly.” — Sasha M.


Selected Community Service includes:   

Counsel, California Historical Radio Society, 1989 – Herrold Award; non-profit issues, mediation and mergers;

Pro Bono Litigation Counsel to the Perham Foundation, and its Foothill Electronics Museum (through judgment) 1991; Special Counsel for the merger with History San Jose, 2001;

General Counsel, then President, Greenpeace Foundation of America (through merger with International Council), 1982;

Libertarian Party candidate for Attorney General of the State of California (1982; “Profile,” in Los Angels Daily Journal, April 1, 1982); libertarian candidate for District Attorney of San Francisco (1979; “Bart Lee, Pinstriped Radical'” in San Francisco Examiner, Oct. 17, 1979, p. A-2).

Red Cross, New York City, September 11-21, 2001 (“9/11″) as deputy emergency communications lead. See: Bart Lee,  9-11: Amateur Radio in New York, Popular Communications, Sept. 2002.