Counseling and Mediation

The goal of counseling is to minimize the likelihood of any further legal complications and expense. Mediation, we have found, is an excellent way to stay out of agency review and out of court, and resolve disputes once in court. But if we also have to help you in any trial or appellate court in California, we stand ready, willing and able to do so – and we have done so to the satisfaction of our clients.

My Role in Mediation

I am available to mediate hard cases. I am available as a mediator and enthusiastic about helping people resolve the issues, often so intractable, that lead them into the legal arena – and that’s what the law is, an arena of gladiators, expensive ones at that. Keeping you out of it, or getting you out of it, is what I most want to do, as a mutually acceptable parties chosen seasoned lawyer who believes in settlement and resolution rather than exhaustion and bankruptcy.


I have completed mediation training (40 hours, 1999) and, in 2012, advanced mediation training.