Law For Radio Amateurs

I hold the two highest licenses that the Federal Communications Commission issues. The F.C.C. has licensed me as both a commercial radio operator and an amateur radio operator (K6VK). For a number of years I have served the American Radio Relay League, (ARRL — the National Organization for Amateur Radio ®) as a Volunteer Counsel and as a Government Liaison. I presented the legal forum at the 2014 ARRL Centennial Convention and 2013 National ARRL Convention.


Zoning got you down, bunky?

CC&Rs driving you nuts?

Got a neighbor on your case?

Contact me at [email protected] and indicate that you are an amateur radio operator. I will try to put you in touch with a lawyer who can help.

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Our ARRL legal seminar presentation covered:

1) Federal Communications Commission; Antennas; Administrative Law.

PRB-1 Pre-emption of Zoning: “Reasonable Accommodation”; California Law; Local Ordinances; Working with Local Officials; Litigation; Private Developments, CC&R Antenna Restrictions; Lobbying and Emergency Services.

2) Interference Issues; Primary and Secondary Users of Radio Frequency Spectrum; Part 15 and Broadcast over Power Lines (BPL) Update.

3) Repeater Issues; FCC Action; State Law Nuisance Actions; Interference Issues for Repeaters.

4) Representing the Radio Amateur – Know your Client; Credentialing your Client; Volunteer Counsel and Ethical Issues – Relations to Client and to ARRL; Other Private Counsel and Management Issues; Attorneys’ Fees and Costs; Written Agreements; A Suggested Modular Approach to Tasks; Mediation.

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