Published Cases and the like

Practicing on the leading edge of the law generates many appellate and otherwise reported cases. This practice has ranged from cases involving the CIA, organized crime, federal and state prosecutors (as defendants), hostile foreign governments, the IRS, and rather more mundane adversaries such as multinational oil companies and IBM.

My extensive litigation experience has included:

  • Constitutional issues and civil rights cases, particularly zoning, property rights, discrimination, Equal Protection and Due Process issues, and First Amendment questions;
  • Cases against various U.S. government agencies and special agents and attorneys, including the CIA and IRS.
  • Administrative law and professional qualifications, including physicians’ peer review and discipline;
  • General business litigation and commercial contracts;
  • RICO matters, antitrust and racketeering (both plaintiff and defense);
  • Copyright and trade secrets cases;
  • Litigation management of specialist counsel;
  • Transnational matters;
  • Federal claims and defenses.

Avoiding the courtroom is, however, often the better way; in this regard, I have been privileged to have been able to counsel clients in many areas including international business structures and transactions, fine arts issues, real estate transactions and development, trade secrets and intellectual property, winery operations, electronics retailing, lawyers’ and physicians’ affairs, museum and other non-profit managements.

In the process of litigation, I have effected challenging settlements, often through intense mediation. I have in recent years chosen to emphasize mediation advocacy as well as serving as counsel to businesses and individuals regarding dispute avoidance and resolution, intellectual property management and defense, fine arts law, and international regulation. Additionally, I have worked on evolving health care industry issues such as restraint of trade matters involving the Federal Trade Commission and physician and hospital relations. I have also served as pro bono counsel to non -profit groups such as museums and to governmental and private emergency services organizations.