For the academically inclined, my legal publications include:


Commmunications Law and Regulatory Update (with Chris Imlay, ARRL General Counsel) ARRL, 2012.

Criminal Trial and Appellate Guide, (associate to Marshall Patner), IICLE, 1974.


“How to Protect Physician Whistleblower – Patient Advocates – from Retaliation, to Benefit Patients – a legal analysis regarding Summary Suspension, Retaliation, Peer Review and Remedies” by Bartholomew Lee, Attorney at Law, and Gil Mileikowsky, MD. (webpublished by the American Health Lawyers Association, 2008). In 2008 The Simmelweis Society bestowed on me a “Clean Hands” award for safeguarding patient care by way of this article, counsel to physicians, and legal assistance on legislative initiatives.

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The California Civil Code…, 5 Journal of Western Legal History 13, (1992) (excerpt below);

Hard Rock Mining and the Antitrust Laws: When Too Much is Really Too Much, 15 Golden Gate University Law Review 49, (1985) (excerpt below);

Eliminating Affirmative Defenses in Antitrust Treble Damages Actions: Symbolic Control, Inc. v. IBM…, 11 Golden Gate University Law Review 241, (1981) (excerpt below);

A New and Legal Pun in Chaucer, 89 Law Quarterly Review (UK) 345, 1973 (text below);

Academic associations:

Adjunct Professor, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, 1983-2003; I authored the Curriculum Guide in Law and Economics (1991) and I also taught Business Law, Money and Banking, Antitrust and Regulated Industries, Micro- and Macro- Economics and the History of Economic Thought.

Adjunct Faculty, Saybrook Institute, San Francisco, Dissertation Review Board, 1988-91; I authored Legal Implications of Restraints in Licensing Clinical Psychologists, for The Saybrook Forum, (July, 1989) and acted as pro bono Special Counsel to the Saybrook Institute; in 1990 Saybrook’s President presented me with a Distinguished Service Award.

Instructor, University of Chicago Law School
University of Chicago Law School, Instructor and Senior Harry A. Bigelow Teaching Fellow, 1971-73; I designed and administered the research and writing program and enjoyed independent research in economics and in legal history, leading to publication.

Further academia-related publications include:

– Planning for the Future -Singapore Style, Asia Cable (Feb. 1986).

– Domesday Book, Smithsonian magazine (Volume 17, Number 6 Sept. 1986 Letters) (text below).


– Hearings on H.R. 2060 and H.R. 2204 and Other Proposals Restoring Effective Enforcement of the Antitrust Laws, before the Subcomm. on Monopolies and Commercial Law of the House Comm. on the Judiciary, 96th Cong. 1st Sess. 258, 345 (1979).

– Hearings on H.R. 8359, before the Subcomm. on Monopolies and Commercial Law of the House Comm. on the Judiciary, 95th Cong. 1st Sess. 467 (analysis for subcommittee counsel) (1977).

– Signatory, Economists’ Open Letter to President Clinton re Price Controls in Healthcare Reform (Washington Post March 16, 1994) followed by Congressional correspondence.

– California Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments re proposed amendment SCA 39, (1981) relating to affirmative action.

– State Bar of California, Hearing, Public Protection Committee, (1989).

– Qualified as an Expert Witness, Punitive Damages, Securities Arbitration, (1992).

– Qualified as an Expert Witness, Professional Standards, (1981 and 1986).

Selected academic texts and excerpts:

A New and Legal Pun in Chaucer

The Civil Law and Field’s Civil Code in Common-law California – a Note on What Might Have Been

The Genesis of Field’s Civil Code in the Codification Movement

Domesday Book

Symbolic Control Inc. V. IBM: Eliminating Affirmative Defenses in Antitrust Treble Damage Actions

Hard Rock Mining and Antitrust Laws: When Too Much Really Is Too Much, Even in the Ninth Circuit