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I have been peer review rated A-V by Martindale Hubble for 30 years; that’s its highest rating for competence and integrity.


“Thank you so much for your wonderful work in getting the parties to an agreement yesterday. Instead of the usual compromise that leaves both parties feeling like they lost, this time each party left feeling they had won. I am convinced that the case could not have settled without your expertise.”
Laura Lane, Attorney at Law

“Mr. Lee: I am compelled to exclaim in most enthusiastic terms how impressed we all are with your knowledge and mediation skills, not to mention being an all ’round nice guy.’ We thank you so much for your heroic efforts, not just in the mediation… Nice to come across a real professional every once in a while.”
Marc Janowitz, Attorney at Law

“Thank you for all your work on this very difficult problem, without your help we would be in court…”
– A party to a mediation


A long -term business litigation and counseling client was kind enough to recognize my work in his book:

“I wish to thank Bartholomew Lee, who is, in all aspects an outstanding attorney-at-law”
Sam Bernstein, in his book, The Emperor’s Jade Suit (2004).

A transnational recommendation:

“In recent times it has been my pleasure to take advice and counsel from Bart Lee of the California Bar with reference to certain legislative matters pertaining to some rather intricate aspects of Anglo American Law. These have proven to be extraordinarily complex and the suggestions from Bart Lee have always been of the utmost assistance. The information and advice has always been lucid and cogent and without ‘legalese’ frills, which made dealing with our problems much easier to understand. To be advised as to what steps should be taken, and what instruction to be given to UK counsel, to ameliorate such problems makes for a much easier resolution.

In all our dealings with Bart Lee and his company of barristers we have invariably found them to be courteous and patient and willing to expend great time to ensure that they had a full picture of the problems that we had encountered.

It is my earnest wish on behalf of myself and my company to express my sincere gratitude towards this company for the sustained help and advice that they have unstintingly advanced to us. I have no hesitation in endorsing their work with particular reference to contract and similar legal issues, transnational or local, and wish them every success in the future.”

Clive Collins, CEO Dart Aviation Systems, North Wales, United Kingdom.


“Bart Lee is a consummate trial attorney who approaches the practice of law with a passion that is not often found in attorneys after his years of experience. Cases that he’s tried and won are easily found on the Internet. I had the good fortune to work with him in a case where we represented a person against a large, multinational corporation. I learned a great deal working with him.”
Scott McMillan, President of The McMillan Law Firm, APC
(Worked with Bart Lee with Spiegel Liao & Kagay, San Francisco)

“Bart knows how to walk the fine line between spending too much on legal representation and spending too little for a result that could have easily been improved. His judgment is unsurpassed. And he’s a nice guy.”
Dave Gomberg, client
Service Category: Attorney; Year first hired: 2003
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
(Worked with Bart Lee with Spiegel Liao & Kagay, San Francisco)


Two recent representations resulted in these recommendations:

“Working with Bart Lee was very rewarding and was critical in dealing with a very complicated matter. His attention to detail, expertise, and sound advise resulted in a positive outcome, and I can’t thank him enough.”
Raanan Bar Cohen

“Bartholomew Lee has attended to his client’s needs with full devotion and effort. Lee follows through with his commitments until his client is content. The amount of background knowledge Lee has and his skill is far greater than one can expect an attorney to encompass.
Dr. Ivette Maher, D.D.S.

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