Mediation Reviews

A recent mediation involving antennas and radio operations resulted in these comments:

“Thank you so much for your wonderful work in getting the parties to an agreement yesterday. Instead of the usual compromise that leaves both parties feeling like they lost, this time each party left feeling they had won. I am convinced that the case could not have settled without your expertise.”
– Laura Lane, Attorney at Law.

“Mr. Lee: I am compelled to exclaim in most enthusiastic terms how impressed we all are with your knowledge and mediation skills, not to mention being an all ‘round nice guy.
We thank you so much for your heroic efforts, not just in the mediation … Nice to come across a real professional every once in a while.”

– Marc Janowitz, Attorney at Law.

“Thank you for all your work on this very difficult problem, without your help we would be in court…”
– A party.

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